Glenfarclas celebrates 185 years!

One of the most common questions whisky fans ask is “How long has Glenfarclas been around for?”

The answer is – we genuinely don’t know. We have a painting showing whisky production from 1791, but there is no evidence of a licensed distillery here at that time – and it’s clear from the painting that they had already been producing uisge beatha for some time.
That being said, you can’t really celebrate an inexact date, so we choose instead to mark the first official licence that the distillery was awarded, and this happened in May 1836. Although some would argue we shouldn’t be celebrating when our whisky was first taxed!

To mark the occasion, Callum Fraser (Distillery Manager) and Douglas Belford (Managing Director) were given the enviable task of going out in to the warehouses to hunt for casks from across the decades that they felt best represented our 185 year history. This was a long process, but after almost 2 years of adding a few casks at a time, they are more than delighted with the final result. This well layered dram with a phenomenal finish showcases the true Glenfarclas character. It was bottled at 46% and will be available soon from specialist whisky shops via our network of international distributors.

Visiting Glenfarclas

Here at Glenfarclas our number one priority is the safety and welfare of our first class team which is why the decision was taken to follow government advice and close the distillery until further notice. Stay safe everyone, and in the meantime have a dram! 

Callum Fraser 

Distillery Manager


Icons of Whisky Scotland Winner 2020

Over the last decade, Glenfarclas has experienced some of the busiest periods of production since legal distilling began at the distillery some 180 years ago. Record-breaking production levels have been expertly overseen by our fantastic production team, who were also paramount to the successful introduction of upgrades to the still house in summer 2019.  As John Grant said at the Christmas party, “I couldn’t work it!” However the Grant family has complete faith every valued member of their highly experienced team.  It seems fitting for this record breaking production decade to be rounded off with Callum Fraser being named the Icons of Whisky Scottish Distillery Manager of the Year, an award he dedicated to the whole team – without them, none of these incredible achievements would have been possible. 

Over the last 10 years the accolades didn’t stop at production. As our popularity grew, record levels of Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch Whisky were exported to 90 different countries all around the world.  Our thanks go to everyone who makes this possible: from the office team who handle the export and logistics so our whisky gets to you, our loyal whisky aficionados; to the faithful warehouse team who work tirelessly to ensure an ever higher numbers of casks are sleeping peacefully in our traditional dunnage warehouses; not forgetting the visitor centre team (past and present) who every year welcome record numbers of visitors.  To end the 2010s as the Icons of Whisky Scottish Distillery of the Year was a fitting conclusion to what has been a remarkable 10 years of change, growth and teamwork. 


Glenfarclas 2019 Events Calendar

Glenfarclas 2018 Events Calendar


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Glenfarclas Marketing Executive Ian McWilliam, has been made a Keeper of The Quaich in recognition of his service and contribution to the whisky industry over 26 years.

Ian joined J&G Grant as Assistant Head Warehouseman in 1991 and after 14 years in production, including the position of Assistant Manager, he moved to the sales & marketing team where he oversees distribution for 33 countries.

His comprehensive knowledge and experience of the traditional skills used to produce Glenfarclas is invaluable; many have enjoyed his in-depth tour or presentations worldwide where he explains all there is to know about the production of Glenfarclas single malt scotch whisky. Living on site and continuing to undertake “on-call” production duties has helped Ian keep up-to-date with the latest changes and improvements that have been made since he left his production post in 2004.

Whether on site at Glenfarclas or across the world, he continues to host events on behalf of J&G Grant, entertaining and educating whisky enthusiasts in his impeccable and professional manner.

Congratulations Ian, thoroughly deserved!