Callum Fraser Keeper of The Quiach

Glenfarclas Production Manager Callum Fraser has been made a Keeper of The Quaich in recognition of his service and contribution to the whisky industry over 27 years.

Originally from Stirlingshire, he worked at Deanston Distillery when it reopened in 1990, and climbed to the position of Distillery Manager in 2008.

Callum joined J&G Grant as Production Manager in 2012, where he was tasked with managing some of the busiest years of production that Glenfarclas Distillery has seen in its 180 years of legal distilling.   By quickly and confidently learning the traditional methods of Glenfarclas, he led the way to achieve what were record-breaking production figures.

Furthermore, many have experienced his in-depth manager’s tour where he explains all there is to know about the production of Glenfarclas single malt scotch whisky. He has also hosted several events on behalf of J&G Grant, entertaining and educating whisky enthusiasts in his fun, professional and memorable style.

Congratulations Callum, hope it was a good night!