Staff awarded for 25 years of service

J. & G. Grant are proud to announce that members of staff, Ian McWilliam and Brian Murphy, both reached their 25th year of employment at Glenfarclas distillery at the end of 2015. Both employees are from the local area, having being brought up in the village of Aberlour and embarking on distillery careers shortly after school. Over these past years they have worked in different roles which give an altogether enriching perspective of life at Glenfarclas.

Ian joined Glenfarclas in 1991 as Assistant Head Warehouseman and after 14 years in production, including as an Assistant Manager, he moved to the sales & marketing team in 2004 where his comprehensive knowledge of the traditional skills used to produce Glenfarclas is invaluable. Brian Murphy also joined in 1991 as Keyholder and later took up a post as Warehouseman for the best part of his career. His son, Andrew, also works in the warehouse alongside him; their skills being key to storing and maintaining the distillery’s treasured casks.

Ian comments fondly on his time at Glenfarclas saying “It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here 25 years, but I guess once you’ve found a job you love, the time just flies by.” Similarly, Brian has been a whisky enthusiast for most of his working life, and makes a point of saying how much he enjoys the team spirit at the distillery.

During the annual Christmas lunch they were awarded a bonus and a Tissot gold watch, presented by Chairman & 5th generation of the family, John L. S. Grant. He reflects on how Glenfarclas has in fact been home to numerous staff members who have dedicated their working careers to the distillery, including his father, George Grant, who served as head of the company for an incredible 52 years. John comments that “together the Grant family and loyal members of hard working staff have helped maintain a long standing independent business.”